Saturday, August 7, 2010

A man threw two shoes towards Zardari in Birmingham,

The current president of Pakistan - who, by the way, no one knows how he came to power - was in the United Kingdom to meet his counterpart David Cameron. During his trip he made a small stopover in Birmingham where he decided to enlighten the audience with how great the Bhuttos were - there might not be a doubt in that but to include himself into the Bhutto family is something that is both grossly inaccurate and demeaning to the Bhutto family.
While giving this speech a member of the audience was, very rightfully so, angered that the president of a third world country should be out and about visiting Europe when the country itself was in shambles - if not from the bombings then the current floods which have displaced more than three million people in Northern Pakistan.
This anger amounted to something that could only be expressed by tossing a shoe. Unfortunately for the enraged member of the audience his aim was not good enough to actually land some sense into the head of president Zardari but even a head as empty as Zardari's would be able to derive the gist of this action.
The spectator who threw not just one but both his shoes at Zardari might be at a loss for words right now for having missed both times. To him the question remains: will I get my shoes back?

Ghulabi English of Punjab Assembly's Members.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Karachi: City wardens involved in target killing.

70 killed by MQM in Karachi, Security organizations still sillent.

Last day after killing of MPA of MQM, there where more then 70 innocent peoples killed by MQM. Most of Pathan and punjabies where killed in various target killing cases. No any FIR has been registered against MQM and Pakistan media also full supported of them. The media eye only watch that MPA was killed , but no any comment and program has broadcasted against killing of 70 peoples. The media playing very negative role in these days.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Again 12 May... at least 40 Peoples killed in reaction from MQM.

KARACHI: Violence triggered by the murder of Raza Haider, a senior leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement and member of the Sindh Assembly, here on Monday claimed at least 26 lives, according to officials at the police surgeon office.

(Update after the filing of this report: At least 35 persons have been killed and more than 80 have been wounded.)
Mr Haider was gunned down, along with his police guard, in the Jama Masjid in Nazimabad, where he had gone to attend the funeral of the mother of a friend.

“The number of attackers and the mode of their transport are not clear, but initial investigations suggest that there were more than two people who came on a motorcycle and they were probably backed by armed men in a car,” said an officer at the Nazimabad police station.

“They first shot at the legislator’s guard Khalid Khan and then entered the mosque and fired at Mr Haider who was in the ablution room.”

Both of them were hit by two bullets fired from a close range. The bullets hit them in the head and on the upper part of the body. Police said that AK-47 rifle and 9mm pistol were used in the attack and the spent bullets were found at the scene.

As the bodies were taken to the Abbassi Shaheed Hospital, the city descended into near anarchy.

Scattered violence, including arson attacks and intense firing, in different areas claimed at least 26 lives.

Over 20 vehicles and a number of restaurants and shops were set on fire.

The Jinnah Postgraduate and Medical Centre received 13 bodies and Civil Hospital and Abbassi Shaheed Hospital two each. The other bodies were taken to different hospitals in the city. Some of the injured died in hospitals.

The city police chief set up a team, headed by DIG West Sultan Khawaja and comprising three SSPs, to investigate the murder.

Capital City Police Officer Waseem Ahmed said Mr Haider had been under threat and he had been provided adequate security.

“Six police guards, including four at his residence, were at the legislator’s service,” he said. “We have approached the leadership of political parties to get the situation normalised and planned adequate security for Tuesday’s funeral of the MPA.”

The MQM leadership came up with serious allegations against the Awami National Party, an ally in the PPP-led coalition government in Sindh.

Faisal Hussain Sabzwari, MQM’s deputy parliamentary leader in the Sindh assembly, said the ANP leadership was in nexus with extremist elements and mafias.

“Arrests of a number of targeted-killing suspects and extremist elements from their (ANP) strongholds are indicators of fault lines,” he added.

The murder of the legislator also sparked violent protests in Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Miss Pakistan Wants to date with Musharraf

A little note to the people of Pakistan. Going to international pageants we have found out how much Musharraf is known to all beautiful young girls, the beauty queens. Some have replied, ‘Oh yes, the general man (sic)’. While others have said ‘the man who rules Pakistan’,” wrote Sarkari.
“Everything positive… I think personally Musharraf Sahab is very good-looking. Some Pakistani politicians may not agree with these gorgeous women. You know like Benazir, all men around the world thought she was a beauty, similarly Musharraf is a hunk. He has enough charisma to have young girls going nuts,” goes the beauty queen’s post.

Sarkari said she would love to date Musharraf if he asked her out. “Yes, any time…I like him a lot…,” she told a news portal.
Sarkari also said she thought “Mrs Musharraf would nod her head in agreement that her husband is an icon no matter what happens”.
Sonia Ahmed, founder of the Miss Pakistan World pageant, too is a huge Musharraf fan. On the pageant’s website, there are several shots of beauty queens holding up Musharraf’s picture, blowing kisses and saying, “We love you Mushy”.
“Well, I am a huge fan of President Musharraf and so are my Miss and Mrs Pakistans and I don’t know why but we all look up to him as a man who gave freedom to the entertainment industry and media.

Bilawal Butto kissing Pictures say it all.!!!!

His antics at Oxford University would shock people in Pakistan awaiting Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's return to take over the political dream shaped by his murdered mother Benazir.

The 19-year-old's preparation for his role in one of the world's Muslim states has certainly been unconventional.

Orthodox Muslims will be surprised to see the new leader of the Pakistani People's Party with his arms slung casually around two girls, one of whom declares herself as "bisexual" on a social networking website.

Conversations he has with friends on Facebook make reference to being hungover, his friendship with a girl he calls "Boozie Suzie" and "free alcohol".

There is no evidence that Bilawal drinks alcohol – but he was certainly living it up with his two female friends at a raucous black-tie party thrown by a student drinking society.

Bilawal had been enjoying his first year at Oxford before he was named as his mother's successor after her assassination last month.

Affair of fatima bhutto and hollywood actor george colonie.