Saturday, August 7, 2010

A man threw two shoes towards Zardari in Birmingham,

The current president of Pakistan - who, by the way, no one knows how he came to power - was in the United Kingdom to meet his counterpart David Cameron. During his trip he made a small stopover in Birmingham where he decided to enlighten the audience with how great the Bhuttos were - there might not be a doubt in that but to include himself into the Bhutto family is something that is both grossly inaccurate and demeaning to the Bhutto family.
While giving this speech a member of the audience was, very rightfully so, angered that the president of a third world country should be out and about visiting Europe when the country itself was in shambles - if not from the bombings then the current floods which have displaced more than three million people in Northern Pakistan.
This anger amounted to something that could only be expressed by tossing a shoe. Unfortunately for the enraged member of the audience his aim was not good enough to actually land some sense into the head of president Zardari but even a head as empty as Zardari's would be able to derive the gist of this action.
The spectator who threw not just one but both his shoes at Zardari might be at a loss for words right now for having missed both times. To him the question remains: will I get my shoes back?

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