Monday, July 26, 2010

MQM killed 650+ Sind Police Officers (By Dr Shahid)

Few years ago I asked Shoib Shuddle former of Director General of Intelligence Bureau and Inspector General Police at a reception in London.‘what is your input about the cold blooded targeted killings of Sindh Police officers who took part in the ‘operation’ ordered by Benazir Bhutto’ in 1995. He acknowledged the fact that there was a problem. Though police in Pakistan is known for its brutality but it is also true it is under resourced and ill trained but they are still managing?
MQM is a mercenary group whose HQ is in London and possibility of its leader to go to Pakistan is Zero? It exaggerate everything no doubt death one person is too many but their claim that 25000 MQM workers disappeared is the extreme. Where is the list of those 25000 people and where are they buried? MQM is in power for the past 10 years consecutively why did they not investigate these killings? Why Altaf Hussain never thought of asking for a judicial enquiry into the Karachi Operation in 1992?
The South Africa branch of MQM and its activities are very suspicious especially the Nishtar Park – Karachi terrorist incident when whole leadership of Sunni Tehreek was eliminated. According reliable sources that to those who examined and conducted post-mortems of the bodies found bullet marks and some of them were shot in head. It seems that cause of death was bullets then shrapnel’s of bomb explosion? According to a source that people who were involved in this terror might have been provided safe passage to South Africa? It is reported that the whole operation was monitored by a MQM leader from a minority group? It seems a case of targeted killings. Only a high powered judicial investigation into this act can expose the crime.
It is alarming that MQM members have been issued arms licences in thousands and Rehman Malik interior minister allegedly issued approximately 2000 permits of AK47. Some members of MQM recently absconded from (apart from being on ECL) Pakistan and came to London were allegedly involved in arms trafficking from Baluchistan.
Late Benzair Bhutto “condemned the killings of 650 police officers and said, my thoughts are with families of those killed in the line of duty.
I asked late Benazir Bhutto at dinner in London few years ago to comment on the targeted killings on reportedly more then 650 police officers in Karachi. Most of them killed had taken part in the Karachi Operation conducted by the PPP government. Ms Bhutto, “condemned the killings of police officers and said, my thoughts are with families of those killed in the line of duty. She demanded that (Musharaf) government should brought killer/ terrorists to justice and protects the men doing their job and following orders”. Some people say that MQM is more dangerous then any terrorist organisation’.
After September 11, the United States identified even more with the MQM as it was the only party in Pakistan that widely mourned the attacks on the US, openly condemned the Taliban and al-Qaeda, and launched a powerful campaign in support of the US attack on Afghanistan. MQM has been the only party to support the military’s intervention in the tribal areas.
Asia Times Online reported, ‘sources say that, ‘only US diplomatic intervention stopped Musharaf from taking strong action against the MQM after he received the report on the recent unrest in which the MQM was implicated. Washington indeed has a powerful southern ally (MQM) in Pakistan’.
It is time for the government of Pakistan to approach its friends and allies to have a clear cut answers about the real Agenda in Pakistan? Crimes of Altaf Hussain and his party MQM are so heinous that he couldn’t dare going back to Karachi even the whole period of Musharaf and now Zardari rule?
Until November 1998 Government of Pakistan was reportedly seeking extradition of Altaf Hussain was wanted in 50 murders and 150 cases of kidnapping and arson. Altaf Hussain, a trained pharmacist who has been living in England since 1992. ‘If extradited to Pakistan he will be killed’, said Altaf Hussain in an interview with a newspaper in 1998. “It is my wish that they take me to trial in a British court,” said Mr Hussain. “Then I will tell people nationally and internationally what has been happening in Pakistan.”
Pakistan seems land of the holy men where people are forgiving each other for breaking all laws corruption, extortion, murders, kidnapping and anti state activities including violation of the constitution. Why and how can individuals do that? A senior journalist said, ‘President (Asif Zardari) and Prime Ministers (Yousaf Gillaini) House is subcontracted to Richard Holbrok, Raiwind Palace (Nawaz Sharif) is to Mark Lyal Grant and David Milliband. Altaf Hussain is already a British Citizen an asset whom so social services can handle? This is how a country of 180 million, a nuclear power perceived internationally?
Altaf Hussain woke up recently and started weeping as if he never knew anything for the past years about the Karachi operation conducted during Nawaz Sharif’s premiership? He is woken by the statement of an allegedly corrupt foreign mole Brigadier Imtiaz former head of the Intelligence Bureau who might have lot to answer for the deaths of two Chiefs of Army Staffs General Ziaul Haq and General Asif Nawaz? He allegedly lured General Zia ul Haq to attend that Tank demonstration in Bahawalpur while his friend Major General Mahmood Ali Durani planted the toxic mango crates?
In reality this awakening is linked with the judicial enquiry into the killings of 12th May 2007 and brutal murders of judiciary activist? This is brining sleepless nights? What happened to Major Kaleem of the Pakistan army is still an open file as well as the systematic targeted killings of more than 670 police officers who took part in operations against MQM? This is what making Altaf Hussain do live telephonic speeches otherwise there are many daily flights to Karachi and being a dual citizen he has no restrictions?
A senior London based analyst wrote in a Journal recently, “It is no coincidence that Asif Zardari- PPP swore in two MQM Ministers in the federal cabinet the day the party submitted its draft for 18th Amendment (provincial autonomy) to the Constitution. The dissolution of the federation and creation of a Mohajiristan in Sindh is the ultimate objective of the proposed amendment. The two parties represent hostile Indo-US interests; they want to weaken federal authority and incorporate right of secession in the constitution to facilitate the break-up of Pakistan. The PPP has indeed been a symbol of federal unity until AZ took over. Now it is an instrument of the policies of the enemies of Pakistan.”
“Dr. Farooq Sattar is the one who drafted this bill with mala fide motive in order to make proper political arrangement in the long run for the formation of an Urdu speaking state known as REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR as proposed by one MQM Activist – Syed Jamaluddin – based in Europe. Syed Jamaluddin has proposed in his said book that Jinnahpur shall come into being exactly in the same manner as KOSOVO few years ago. Please note that Kosovo was an autonomous province of Serbia. Hence, if MQM´s Provincial Autonomy Bill is approved (God forbid), one day the MQM shall declare independence of Republic of Jinnahpur through a vote in the Sindh Assembly exactly in the same manner as the Kosovo Assembly in February 2008.
Dr. Farooq Sattar has been appointed the Minister for Overseas Pakistanis to pursue MQM’s agenda of bringing foreign investment into Karachi which will be portrayed as DUBAI and SINGAPORE of the future as outlined in the same book “FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR” by MQM Activist SYED JAMALUDDIN. The script of the book was approved by the MQM leaders in London prior to its publication as part of MQM´s policy to blackmail Pakistan’s establishment including the Pakistan Army.
In TV interviews, representatives of MQM have darkly warned that unless their Bill for Provincial Autonomy is passed, Pakistan’s disintegration shall remain on the cards. This is indeed an open threat. (See for the web site of the Indian agent and MQM spokesman Syed Jamauddin.)”
MQM has crossed the lines of terror, corruption and extortion. All political prisoners should be released on merit not used as blackmail?

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